Starting From The Bottom

Lord willing, this blog will reach many, leaving them with encouraging thoughts and a desire to pursue Christ’s plan. Through realness, exciting stories, my testimony, and random blurbs, I long to touch each and every person that may even stumble across this page.

My testimony will be coming shortly, but in the mean time I will introduce myself. I am the baby of my family, consequently the favorite. 😉 If you have siblings, you understand that. My awesome brother(Broseph) is six years older than me, and my beautiful sister(Cookie) is eight years older. They both fear the Lord and inspire me to pursue my Creator each and every day. Upon following the Lord’s footsteps, they both married the best in-laws(sister-in-law: K10 and brother-in-law: BAM) a girl could ask for and started their families! One of my favorite titles God has blessed me with is ‘Aunt Bobbie’. Hearing my handsome almost three-year-old nephew(who we’ll call Big Pickle on this blog) call my name with a beaming smile and arms open wide is something I pray neither one of us gets tired of. Along with my Big Pickle, I have his little brother(E-man) and Broseph’s little girl(Princess). All of my littles make my heart smile and erase any doubt about our Savior the enemy puts into my mind in one second. Very very soon, my family and I are welcoming another baby boy(CR)!!! THE LORD IS SO GOOD! My parents(Gigi and Pawpaw) are two of the most beautiful, caring people I have had the privilege of meeting. The home of Gigi and Pawpaw is constantly filled with laughter, love, and the Lord. God bless this home and these crazy, amazing people.

At this stage in my life, God has led me to the brilliant Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA!(GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!) I am a residential freshman with a year of community college behind me. As per usual, my first year of college consisted of several major switches. I managed to declare my major in almost every medical field option offered by the community college. Once I realized the human body gives my the heeby-geebies, I moved onto accounting until Jesus would not let me search any longer when He shoved American Sign Language Interpreting right into my face, lovingly of course. Now I study ASLI with an ambitious heart awaiting the Lord’s plan that will come from these next few studious years. Currently, I am praying on what to minor in, so if you would like to pray over that, I would greatly appreciate that.

My prayer constantly is that the Lord save the lost and allow them to hear His Good Word. I pray over anyone who reads these words, who needs hope, who desires to grow closer to Christ, and everyone of God’s children serving His Kingdom.

Until my next post, look up and keep going!




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