At Liberty University, we have Convocation three times a week; this is the largest gathering of young Christians in the nation, and it can bring any servant of the Lord to his or her knees by the intense desire for Christ to captivate every heart in the room. Every convocation is opened by Liberty’s Worship Collective band and today we sang This Is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham.

“This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love.”

These lyrics are powerful in the song; if you have not heard it, I suggest you listen to it. It has become on of my favorite worship songs. The more we sang the chorus, the more “unfailing love” stuck out in my mind.

Growing up in the church, this term was not new to me, and I imagine it is not new to many of you reading. Almost always used when searching for comfort in our God, I never thought twice about what “unfailing love” actually means. I never imagined I would think to unpack these two simple words and come out with such a deeper understanding of who God is.

As stated in my previous post, God is love. It is who He is. But this time He is unfailing love. I started to wonder what the definition of “unfailing” is, and then I felt silly. Of course it means without fail, however, I craved the hard, book definition of the word to satisfy this wondering mind and curious heart.

Unfailing – not falling short of expectation; completely dependable; inexhaustible; endless

Just what I expected, but thinking about this definition in terms of God excites me way more than I thought a definition could… Did I just say that?

Inexhaustible is in bold for the reason that the Lord’s love does not get tired. How amazing is that? THE LORD’S LOVE FOR US DOES NOT GET TIRED. Wow. The love our God has for us does grow faint or run thin like our love for each other might. Some days, we have to muster the strength to love each other, but God’s love for His children is inexhaustible. That is comforting, exciting, and mind-blowing.

A definition allowed me more insight of the amazing Lord I serve, but where do we look for answers? God’s Word! I found seven different Psalms that sung of His unfailing love and each one mentions recovering from trouble, reigning victorious, or receiving His forgiveness. With this insight, God’s “unfailing love” is also “inexhaustible comfort”.

Where there is something that is unfailing, there most be something that is in fact failing. I began to really think about this. I was stuck looking at God for what is failing, but no part of Him fails. He is sinless and every good thing comes from Him. And then I realized what is failing…

We are.

We have always failed Him and we always will, as heartbreaking as that is. Peter is a prime example of failing Christ. Jesus warned Peter of his betraying actions, but Peter still denied Jesus three times.

 “Jesus answered, ‘Die for me? I tell you the truth, Peter- before the rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me.'” John 13:38

At the last supper, Jesus explains to Peter that he will deny Jesus. Hearing the Lord, Peter still does in fact deny Him three times before the rooster crow. Once in John 18:17, once in John 18:25, and lastly in John 18:27 when the rooster immediately crowed after.

If Peter failed Jesus knowing exactly how he was going to fail Jesus, how do we expect ourselves to not fail Him? We are not going to get coffee with Jesus, nor are we hitting up the local small band concerts with Him, so we don’t exactly get to hear just how we are going to fail to love Him, even though we will. Jesus commanded us to love each other, but we fail to do that too.

Amiable, formerly known as PSL, let me share a couple of stories in this post, and I am ever grateful for her. Upon asking her how she ever failed to love someone she mentioned that she has gotten overly upset with her sister before. As simple of an example that is, I love it. We all lose our temper over small things with people every day, and unfortunately rarely apologize for it. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, love is not rude nor is it easily angered, therefore, when we are quick to argument with someone, we are not loving them. We fail to love.

After Amiable answered that question, I asked her when she has ever experienced God’s unfailing love. Junior year of high school was difficult for her. She felt unwanted, unneeded, and unnecessary to everyone she passed. While on a youth group retreat, she was reminded that God’s love is unfailing. She felt His gentle reminder of His presence and knew that His love is inexhaustible, even when it feels like everyone else has given up on her.

She was reminded that God will take care of us because his love does not fail.

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Paul, yet again, writes a brilliant letter to his brothers and sisters in Christ, this time in Philippi. Reading Philippians 4:19, we must remember that our wants and needs are two very different things, and we may not always know exactly what we need. But God’s unfailing love will provide exactly what we need exactly in the right time.

When we fail to love each other, and Him, we need forgiveness. God grants this to us when we repent, not because we deserve it, but because He has unfailing love for us, and sent His son to die for our sins.

What does that mean to us, though? Yeah, so God has and is unfailing love, but how does that effect me, or you?

God never leaves. Many times throughout the bible and in several of peoples’ testimonies, God presence did not stop. We may choose to ignore His presence, but does not and will never ignore our presence. Our God loves His children so much that He will not stop sending signs of His love to them.

He is our deliverer. As I stated before, “unfailing love” is most closely associated with deliverance from times of trouble in the bible. Allowing trials in our lives is something that only magnifies God’s love. He will guide us out of temptation and provide what we need to grow out of the trial’s to glorify His name.

He is inexhaustible. We can grow tired of each other in many ways and from different circumstances, but He will not. Rejoice, child of God, this is amazing news.

My prayer for you is that you feel God’s unfailing love every day. Search Him out, spend time with Him, be open to His plan and I guarantee He will show how much he loves you. You are loved, without fail, without end, inexhaustibly, unfailingly.

Until next post, Look Up and Keep Going!




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