Looking Down

Looking down? That’s a strange title for a Christian blogger who is only trying to uplift her readers, don’t you think? Especially for a blog that always ends with “look up and keep going.” Let me see if I can change your mind.

Memories are incredibly fun to look back on. They bring back feelings of good times, and of bad, and they often remind us of how far we have come. Memories can remind us of what goals we set that did not work out, sometimes for a good reason, and what goals we met! Memories can also just serve the purpose of simply reminding us of the beautiful places we have gone with beautiful people.

Timehop. It’s genius for today’s world. We are constantly online posting  our thoughts, retweeting other posts we relate to, and sharing videos we think are hilarious. We have been doing this for years, but we do it so quickly, it is easy to forget what it was we thought was so important that world had to see. Thanks to the app that consumes about 64.8 MB of storage on  thousands of phones, we are reminded of what we published a year ago exactly each day.

I still have mixed feelings about this app and its purpose, however on days like today I am thankful for the reminder it sent me.

Three years ago, I was feeling broken down, but I knew God was always going to be right by my side, leading me to His will. With that in mind I tweeted out lyrics from Hillsong United’s, From The Inside Out.

“Your light will shine when all else fails”

“From the inside out, Lord my soul cries out”

Fast forward to today and the past few weeks. I have not been feeling broken down(praise the Lord), however, I have been in a.. stale state with my relationship with God. We weren’t moving together, but rather God has been telling me be still while I act like a five year old who has consumed far too many lollipops. I hadn’t realized it until this morning, but I was in need of a reminder of God’s goodness.

I checked my Timehop memories today after I made it to my 8:15 (early, mom. I made it early), and scrolled past the lyrics just like they were just another post. It wasn’t until a little over two hours later, I realized God was sending me the reminder I needed.

In Convocation, we sang From The Inside Out and it was beautiful.

“A thousand times I’ve failed, still Your mercy remains. And should I stumble again, I’m caught in Your grace.”

Over the past three years I have stumbled again and again, but every time the Lord is merciful and full of love. Love I didn’t, don’t, and won’t ever deserve was shown after every trip. This morning, with this realization, is when I began looking down.

I did not start looking down in sadness, or in fear, but rather just looking down to where I had been in accordance to where I am. Everyday is a step closer to God’s purpose for me, therefore a step closer to Him.

In early October of this year, I took two of my college friends home with me for a long weekend. We hiked up a three mile trail to be rewarded with a beautiful view of Harper’s Ferry. At the spot most people stop to rest, there is an awesome silence. Everyone looking down at the ice cream shops and mini-museums, looking up at the beautiful sky God has provided us, and looking around at the unfathomable masterpiece we live in.

The day we went on this hike, we found a perfect spot to sit and let your feet hang off the edge. I couldn’t help but sit there for a few minutes longer than I planned, looking down. I could see the long path we took to find the trail. I could see the bridge we had to walk over to get to the path leading to the trail. I could see the bus stop we were dropped off at. I could see exactly where we had started from where I was now. I was in awe.

The Lord was showing how to recognize where I have been from where I am, and to be still in Him at the same time. This morning, He reminded me that it’s okay to look down to remember what He has done for me. The stale state of my relationship with God was renewed when I was able to recognize this.

Just because the Lord isn’t telling us to move, that does not mean He isn’t still working in our lives. We are constantly becoming what Christ made us to be, however sometimes we need to rest and appreciate where God has led us and the works He has done in our lives.

If you’re anything like me, not moving onto the next stage, the next adventure, the next chapter right away is a challenge. But if you’re anything like me, you need to stop and take a breath after hiking up the Maryland Heights trail. Being patient with Christ, and relying on His timing, is difficult but ever so necessary for our relationship with Him to blossom.

I challenge you to look down today. To remember where you’ve been and how you have made it to the beautiful view God has brought you to. Rest, sweet child of God; wait upon the Lord. He will provide for you.

Look down, and rest.





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