Alright, y’all. This is going to be a personal blog post.

I haven’t blogged in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried or thought about it. Once, I quit a blog post because I was frustrated with my computer. Once, I stared at the blank screen, drowning in discouragement, hoping the post would write itself. And once, I quit because it didn’t seem right.

Sometimes, crushing candy seems like the better, more fun, option when it comes to sitting down and cracking open my Bible. Shoot, sometimes crushing candy seems better than doing absolutely anything.

How relatable is that? We often will choose something that distracts us from what we need, just because it seems like the more fun option. Look at your own spiritual life. I hope and pray that it is always strong and healthy, but it is a relationship and sometimes we don’t give our 100% into it like we should. I have been struggling in that part of my life.

When I stopped blogging I realized I began to lose the communication I had built with Christ. I did not make this blog to improve my relationship with God, but I realize now that it definitely improved it. I started to choose silly things over blogging, or let my thoughts win me over, and suddenly, doing the same with God became easier.

I blame it on the whether or I blame it on my SAD. Every winter, my relationship with Christ becomes like the artificial tree in my living room- pretty and cheery to the eye but inauthentic to the touch. It has caused me a lot of thought in the past month.

2016 was a very crazy year for me. I began it a different person than I ended it, and the path I had to travel on to get from point A to point B was challenging at times. The whole time, however, the Lord was ready to carry me when I couldn’t walk and to cheer me on when I was in a full-out sprint. This past month(December), is naturally the month when we look back at what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we want to change in the upcoming year. This past December for me was more than that; it was a month to really process what God has done for me.

I’ve been wrestling with why I haven’t talked to God a lot recently, or why I haven’t dug into His Word as much as I would like to recently because after all, I owe everything I am to Him. I still do not know why I’ve been slacking in these areas, but I do one thing. The Lord hasn’t left me and He never will. I’m sure He has been talking to me, but I haven’t been listening.

With that, my new year resolution is to listen to God more. To not let what the enemy has to say about me or my relationship with Christ affect me. My God has a purpose for me, and that is the one I choose to follow. I hope and pray you do too.

Those computer glitches of life can be frustrating, I know. Sometimes it just means we need to step back and admire the situation for what it is, and perhaps rest for awhile knowing the Lord has something in store for us.

The emptiness felt regularly by some and occasionally by others is executed by the act of prayer and the opening of our hearts. And the next time something just doesn’t seem right, remember your purpose. If what you’re doing aligns with God’s purpose for you, keep doing it. Don’t let Satan’s lies control you.

Happy New Year! I pray it is FULL of blessings and trials that only cause you to grow with Christ!

Until next post,Look Up and Keep Going!




The Lord is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation. -Psalm 118:14


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