Modesty. The Hot Topic. 

This may be on of my most controversial blog posts that I ever write, but it’s been on my mind a lot.

I go to a conservative, Jesus-freak, proud-of-our-Redeemer, fun-loving, adventure-promoting university. I would never go anywhere else. It’s refreshing every morning as I walk to class to see the faces of hundreds that are just as happy to live in such a place.

In high school, I would walk through the halls and see a new face everyday, or at least not know the names of most of the students I passed. As much as I loved going somewhere opportunities seemed boundless, something  always seemed off and down about the faces passing by.

Not at Liberty. There are thousands more faces that I don’t know the story behind, yet they are family. I don’t know the names of the people I pass daily, but I feel welcomed by it.

Now don’t get me wrong, we aren’t all holding hands around a campfire. There’s struggle here; there’s hurt here; and there’s a lot of worldly values here. This generation I claim was raised by the world, so nothing less than worldly values should be expected.

The world tells us that a girl’s clothing has absolutely no effect on men, or at least that it shouldn’t. So being raised by the world, my generation believes that. We believe that we are us; no one else can tell us who to be, how to act, and certainly not how to dress. The world raised us to stress our outward appearance.

If something or someone doesn’t catch our eye in the first ten seconds we are looking at it, the chances of us diving deeper into that person or thing are slim to none. And us girls do not want to let our little girl dreams of having a beautiful, full, loving family down. So we want to be invested in. Following what the world taught us, we will make our outward appearance seem desirable.

The guys of our generation stress the physical structure of a girl. A common question between guys  is, “which do you prefer, boobs or butt?” That is then where a girl finds her value. She will only be loved if she shows off her physical structure to fit what the guys like.

Leggings without her bottom being covered. Shirts that droop way too low. Clothing that is way too tight. Just to get a guys attention.

The Lord created you for more than your body. 

When God made each of us, he programmed a certain personality into our souls. He built us a personal and certain way to fit his design and to give Him glory. I do agree that there are ways to use your body to bring Christ to the world, however to get the attention of the opposite sex is not what God intended.

I suppose there are times that a girl gets dressed without thinking, “will this get that guys attention?” I understand that. But if you turn around and check out your own booty, you know someone else is.

As Christian girls, we are called to be different. We don’t fit the world’s “do what you want and blame the guy.” We are called to think before we do, be cautious of how we are affecting our brothers in Christ. I wish our brothers wouldn’t check girls out and I wish that they wouldn’t act foolishly just because they see something they like. Not all do.

In the weaker brother, stronger brother context, a girl showing off her body is allowing her brother to fall. As Christian girls, we are called to be different.

1 Timothy 2:9-10 proclaims that women should dress modestly and be attractive through their good deeds. I know personally, that a guy falling for what I do over what I look like would make me feel ten times better.

Men are called to love women as Jesus loved the church. Did Jesus love the church for what it looked like or for what it stood for and what it did? Definitely the latter.

We all are fallen, since the beginning of our ability to choose right from wrong we’ve been sinners. We aren’t going to be perfect, men and women alike. But I encourage with all my heart that women look cute everyday, spend time making yourself feel good, but with modesty. The Lord loves you for you, and in the end that is what matters the most. NO. All the time, the morning, the afternoon, while dancing in your room, while stressing about a test, while laying your head down at night, what matters most is that Jesus loves you for you. You do not have to impress Him.

So my sisters in Christ, I urge you. Do not let our brothers fall. On top of that, glorify the Lord by dressing modestly and doing great works for His Kingdom. You are invested in by the King of Kings. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Until next post, Look Up and Keep Going.




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