Keep Enduring

Do you ever get to a point in your walk with Christ when you are staring at what seems like the end? Have you ever felt yourself struggling so hard to not drop lower but it’s tiring trying to get back on the right path? I definitely have. Naturally, in all our human sinfulness, we will stray from God’s side, choosing our own paths. I wish it did not have to happen this way, but faith is a continuous cycle with highs and lows.

All throughout high school I was in marching band. My last two years I held a leadership position within the band and would often help lead the physical training time before evening practices. This 20 minutes or so would include stretching, a few strengthening exercises, and a run.

During my junior year of high school, the drum major frequently asked me to lead the run with her. Both of us would have the rest of the band behind us in two single file lines meaning if someone were to miss a step or trip, the rest of the line would be effected. About 1 minute into the run, I tripped, but it was not a normal trip. I didn’t immediately bounce back, but I didn’t hit the ground either. I ran for about five steps toppled over in a 90 degree angle with my arms straight behind me staring at the ground.

I knew that if I stopped moving, I would hit the ground and it would cause me, and the ones behind me, a lot of pain. It was only a matter of a few seconds that I had a choice to stop running and hit the low point taking the pain and having to recover OR keep pushing as hard as I could reaching behind me to get back running.

Often this is how our faith tends to go. We stare the devil in the face and he stares back; he isn’t afraid to tempt and continue tempting. But it is in that moment we have a choice. We can fall into Satan’s temptation fully knowing that pain and sadness will follow OR we can push on to the LORD staring the devil in the face telling him, “You will not win this heart. I belong to Jesus.”

A misconception about this situation is that once we remind Satan he is defeated it gets easy. That is second one of the three you will be trying your best to get back up. While I ran staring at the ground, arms behind me, everything hurt. But I kept trusting that my strength and balance would get me back up, which worked in the certain situation. We cannot trust our own strength and balance to get back to Christ, but we can trust in the Son of God to guide us.

Throw your arms behind you in trials and tribulations for the Lord your God tells us He will always protect us. Keep running full speed when you may feel hopeless about your circumstances. Even when you feel like whatever you are looking at is the end, it is not; Jesus is not finished with you!

A side-note and helpful reminder: Satan has been defeated ever since Jesus died on the cross. He cannot win anymore, so do not let him convince you otherwise. Trust in the Lord your God.

I pray even in trials, we can all keep pushing through knowing the promise of our Father. Keep running, keep pushing. And of course, until next post

Look Up and Keep Going!




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