There’s a Famine Coming

Hello, old friend. Oh what a crazy time it has been since I have last written. There’s been many highs and many many lows, and I am in awe of how my Father is using them to equally work to give Him glory and show me love.

About a month and a half ago, I was sitting in Old Testament Survey when my professor spoke the words, “There’s a famine coming, so get ready.” We were talking about an actual famine when God told His people to prepare for the lack of food, but those words resonated with me. I couldn’t shake the accuracy and conviction of that simple phrase. Right then and there, I wrote them in the margin of my notebook followed by BLOG POST. And at the end of class, I closed my notebook and didn’t think twice about it.

Every once in awhile, I’d be flipping through my notebook, or studying for a test, and see those words and remember that I intended to write about them. I never sat down to actually write anything though while I used the excuse, “I’m not feeling convicted enough to write” quite often.

The Lord is definitely convicting me now. His timing never fails. (I almost have to laugh at myself for ever questioning His timing and His promises. No… I do laugh at myself)

I am here to warn you, there is a famine coming. There is no doubt in my mind that sometime in the future you will go through a hard time where you feel like you have nothing. I don’t know to what extent the famine will effect you or exactly what it will look like, but I know it’s in the road up ahead.


Fill yourself with the Word of God and know that God is never going to let you down. Surround yourself with Christ-followers who recognize that they have a famine coming soon too, but are devoted to loving how Christ loves. Set up accountability even when you feel like you don’t need it. Spend quality time with your Creator.

What I’m trying to stress is that when times are good, we need to be diving into our faith just as much as the hard times. If we do this, we will have the resources to get up before we reach rock bottom. We will have the ability to recognize we are going through a trial and hold tight to God no matter what happens.

I am coming from the point of a child of God struggling with (and defeating!!!!!) major depression. If it weren’t for the foundation laid throughout my childhood, my first semester at Liberty, and the relationships God blessed me with in this season, the end of my story would have been different. Although it was nearly impossible to believe there was light at the end of the tunnel most days this past month, there’s always been a bright light there standing with His arms wide open.

I cannot brag on the way I treated God and His promises in this season of my life but I can brag on how He worked in it. My God is walking me through this trial using the support systems I had built up prior to the famine, using the resources around me, and reminding me, Himself, of His overall goodness.

A famine can come in the loss of a loved one, a job change, a mental illness, a move to somewhere new; it can be anything that leaves you feeling like you have nothing to keep going on. Since we don’t know what our next famine is going to come looking like, we have to get ready for it all by trusting FULLY on God now.

My prayer for you is that you go get ready, and when your famine comes, you keep your eyes locked on your Creator. If you are currently in a famine, there is hope and His name is Jesus Christ and He will get you through this. Trust Him.

There’s a famine coming, so get ready.

Until next post, Look Up and Keep Going!




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