It is a common saying that, as Christians, we are the hands and feet of Christ. We are His outlet to the world; His way of reaching unbelievers is through believers. Being part of the body of Christ as 1 Corinthians 12 discusses, we are called to be active and firm in our beliefs. I want to focus on the hand in this post.

Look at your hands for a second. What do you think of? Physically, what are your hands to you? They are strong, useful, reliable, and beautiful. They claim ownership over what is yours. When you hold something in your hand, it is a signal to others that what you are holding is yours.

When we look at scripture there is an abundance of scriptures that talk about hands in relation to our Father and His love for us. We are also called His hands.

Let’s go back to the basics of the physical hand. It is set apart. Genesis 2 explains the complexity of humans along with the intimacy God brought us into the world with. Surprise, we were created from His own hand. He took the time to craft us in the image of himself, yet have the individuality we all possess. The creation of humans is covered in loving details including the detail of hands.

Brought into this world by the hand of the Creator of the Universe, we are made to be His hands to the lost world. That’s an honor, y’all.

Throwback to the statement that our hands show ownership. When we are believers that are firm in Christ, we are held in His hand therefore we are His. Recognizing that we are hands of our Savior is to reach people not for ourselves, but for Him; to allow Christ to hold them, not out of any selfish desires.

A hand can be harsh or it can be loving. It can be used as a weapon or a sign of affection, and both have impact on a person.

“Violent people mislead their companions, leading them down a harmful path.” Proverbs 16:29

 When we are the hand of Christ, we have to remember to be gentle in our ways to not squeeze to tight to someone that may or may not want to even be touched. Above all we have to remember this:

“Just as our bodies have many parts and each part a special function, so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.” Romans 12:4-5

Our main goal as members of Christ’s body to reach the main goal of loving and reaching the world. Though we may not all acting as hands, we work together with other brothers and sisters in Christ for Christ.

With that I leave you with the prayer that however you are called to work in the Kingdom of God, you are able to keep moving. Operating in the body of Christ is a blessing and honor.

If you are acting as a hand, my prayer for you is that you remember your impact on others and never stop reaching those around you!

Until next post, Look Up and Keep Going!




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